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Lambing for beginners

Who is this course designed for?

Anyone with an interest in keeping sheep who will be lambing for the first time and wants to understand how to prepare & manage their sheep for & during lambing. Opportunity for plenty of questions. If all goes well we should be 2 weeks into lambing with ewes & lambs to view

The course will cover the following:

Preparing the ewe and ram for tupping:  worming, checking teeth, teats and feet, assessing breeding condition, feeding, timings, when to put in rams, expected lambing dates
Care of the in-lamb ewe:  Stress, feeding - when & how much, vaccinations, scanning
Setting up your lambing shed: Pens, disinfection & biosecurity, ease of management
Essential lambing kit:  All that you should have on hand for both routine and problem lambings; medicines, equipment
Routine lambing: Checking the sheep, from first signs of labour to delivery, in-door or out? penning, monitoring, tail docking, castration, routine before letting ewe and lamb outside
Opportunity to meet the sheep (practical session): See the lambing shed set-up, view ewes with lambs & expectant ewes, castration and tail docking & possible lambing in progress
Problem lambings: Signs to look for when all is not going well, discussion of mal-presentations, sick ewes & how to deal with them - when to call the vet. Poorly lambs and how to manage them, lamb rejection & adopting-on lambs, stomach tubing & bottle feeding
Follow-on lamb and ewe care to weaning:  Post lambing routine, when to worm, vaccinate, grazing rotation, shearing, ear tagging
Record keeping: flock book, breeding records
Summary: Last questions
Handouts include: Lambing glossary, annual shepherd’s calendar of tasks, useful contacts, useful further reading/websites; various Eblex sheep/lambing related leaflets

To book your place on a course please email or phone to check availability. 07595 296 613

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