Francis-Barnett gets a new lease of life through Lincolnshire’s Batribike

Almost a century after the first bike was built in Coventry, and 50 years after the factory doors closed for the last time, Batribike, the UK’s leading e-bike company based in Lincolnshire, has revived a classic British motorbike brand, Francis-Barnett, through a new vintage styled electric bike, launched yesterday.
With its classic lines, vintage design and heritage green paint work, the new bike is not only sympathetic to Francis-Barnett’s original ethos of both style and reliability, but is designed to fit a vintage loving rural rider and includes cutting edge e-bike technologies.

The new Francis-Barnett vintage e-bike has been developed over the last two years by Batribike where it is now being hand finished in Lincolnshire. “Our design team has worked hard to ensure every detail of the bike honours the vintage styling and values of Francis-Barnett’s wonderful machines of yester-year,” says Steve Coulson, Managing Director of Batribike.
With an eye on the leisurely rural rider and for those who appreciate quality, authentic vintage styling, this new bike is not only a classically detailed mode of transport, but has personality and style that is sure to turn heads as you ride.
Coulson adds; “Francis-Barnett was known for its stylish, yet unfailing workman-like machines that would be built to both make a design statement, yet reliably get you to work on time. We really wanted to incorporate both the design and steadfast reliability into our new bike, and the result has surpassed all of our wildest dreams.”
Francis-Barnett was a Coventry based, British motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1919, by Gordon Inglesby Francis and Arthur Barnett. Developing a range of bikes, the last of which left the factory in 1966, at which time a British motoring institution was lost – until today.
Andrew Longfield, the new owner of the Francis-Barnett brand, added; “Seeing this amazing brand be brought right into the 21st century, whilst maintaining the heart and soul of the original company, has been a dream come true. The team at Batribike have done an incredible job.”
Available at independent e-bike and bike retailers across the UK, the new vintage Francis-Barnett electric bike, costs £1499. With a maximum speed of up to 15.5 mph (25 km/h), the new bike can reach between 28 and 60 miles depending on the level of pedal assist selected. Built with a strong Aluminium Alloy frame, seven speed Shimano Nexus Hub Gears, 26 inch Puncture Resist Tyres, inbuilt security through Datatag UV “Stealth” PRO Cycle System and finished with quality vintage accessories – this is a stylish vintage bike that is built to last.
To find your nearest retailer, visit or call 01427 787774.