Five step points to healthy eating from Riverford

  1. Cram your meals full of good wholesome veggies – especially when cooking for the kids, it amazing what you can get in! Try finely chopping some spinach into a lasagne or bolognese sauce, or adding in courgettes, carrots, peas and sweetcorn into any meal. Getting a veggie box delivered will increase your family’s veggie intake and with free delivery, what could be easier!
  2. Going Carb Free? (or Gluten Intolerant) - For those who are looking for an alternative to rice, try using grated cauliflower in any meal, slightly toasted with a pinch of herbs, garlic and a little black pepper! Or if you are gluten intolerant, try courgettey spaghetti, using ribbons of courgettes instead of pasta spaghetti or you may like to try layered leeks as the pasta in a lasagne.
  3. Cooking from scratch – Getting back to basics, is by far the best way to eat, you know what’s going in your food and are able to monitor much more closely the amounts of salt and sugar in your family meals.
  4. Eat with the seasons – there nothing better than the taste of homegrown veggies rather than produce artificially ripened or transported thousands of miles. Eating seasonally promotes fresh, often UK grown produce, picked when it's at its best with minimal artificial involvement.
  5. Involve your children - This can be time consuming and they do make mess, but it's important. What you teach them now will build them firm foundations for their future. Let them chop, grate, slice, spread, touch food, sample it and talk about where veggies and fruit come from. You are the adult, in charge of what they eat and ultimately their view of food for the future – so use this time wisely!