Can you help us, we are looking for willing volunteers who:

·       Love horses.

·       Love helping people.

·       Would like to learn new skills.

The Brook is the home of Erme Valley RDA Ltd and it thrives in the beautiful   South Hams area of Devon. It is a lovely, Iarge extended family, warm, comfortable, fun and caring, delivering a professional and unique service of therapeutic benefit. Erme Valley was founded by Peggy Douglas MBE more than thirty years ago, and is now supporting one hundred and twenty disabled riders and their families, staffed entirely by brilliant volunteers. In addition to the benefits of riding we have ten work experience placements, and have created the right environment for young adults with a mental health problem to flourish.

Having been born with Cerebral Palsy and now the Rider Representative for Erme Valley, I can personally vouch for just how vital this RDA is. Riding enables me to cope with my disability, helping me to feel so much more comfortable in my everyday life, whilst giving me equine companionship and inclusion, within a sport I adore, as well as the opportunity of making new friends and being part of a team. 

When I started at The Brook I could only manage two steps on the horse before having to stop because of pain.  The wonderful Peggy and her fantastic team spent weeks, months and subsequent years encouraging me, never allowing me to give up. It’s thanks to their dedication that I am now back riding, free from pain and discomfort.

Horse riding can make an immeasurable difference. To see somebody achieve a goal they’ve been working on for a long time is fantastic. This could be helping to improve posture, strengthening muscles, aiding communication or, even eventually riding unaided, using our gorgeous equine friends to help us. I feel the elation it brings regularly no matter how big or small the improvement; riding can literally change someone’s life.

RDA receives no government funding, we rely solely on support from our sponsors, kind donations, the support of the community and numerous hard-working volunteers, for which we are continually grateful. We are staffed entirely by volunteers of which we are currently in urgent need, any help you can give will be so welcome.

Volunteers with horse experience not essential as guidance is given and in addition we’re always grateful for any support with general maintenance and repairs, please come and join our fabulous horses and riders, visit: we are a member of RDA UK.                                
WE WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU!  Contact on: 07882286421