Keeping Britain’s Horses Healthy Survey puts vets on top

In a recent survey 62% of horse owners confirmed that they would go to their vet to get advice on preventative healthcare, with an extremely healthy 94% of those believing either that the vet is the most knowledgeable on the subject, or that they are both friendly and understand the needs of the horse.

However, worryingly, 1 in 10 get their advice from Internet forums, with 18% of those admitting that they do this because the advice is free!

Whilst it is acknowledged that internet forums are an excellent medium for horse owners to discuss and share their experiences, taking preventative healthcare advice from these sources can be a relatively risky course of action.

The most common reasons for owners not seeking veterinary advice are that they feel the vet would insist on a visit and examination; that they were worried about wasting their vet’s time, and that they might be charged for advice.

In reality, these concerns are unfounded as most vet practices would be happy to offer initial advice free of charge, and would only insist on visiting and conducting an examination if they thought that the animal was in real need of treatment. If you are worried about your horse, you should have no hesitation in contacting your vet for advice.

Keeping Britain’s Horses Healthy (KBHH) is committed to minimising illness and disease amongst Britain’s one million or so horses by advocating the benefits of preventative healthcare, and, with that in mind, is launching its first Horse Health Week from 21st-28th September 2015.

During Horse Health Week, KBHH will be looking to continue to raise awareness of horse health, specifically, preventative healthcare and responsible horse ownership and this is your opportunity to get involved, discussing with your vet the most appropriate healthcare plan for your horse.

When you visit the KBHH website throughout the week at you’ll be able to find participating veterinary practices. You will have an opportunity to download newly created ‘Responsible Horse Owner’s Booklets’ and tell us and other owners what you are doing with your horse that week.

Find out if your veterinary practice has planned activities, such as a quiz night, a competition or yard visits as such events will play an integral role in the horse owning community embracing the seven pillars of responsible horse ownership, which in turn will help Britain’s population of horses to be both healthier and happier. Together, we can all make a difference.

Put the date in you diary now and get ready to support, and take part in, what promises to be the most worthy week of the year.

To find out more about Horse Health Week, KBHH and participating veterinary practices, visit