Riverford launches new cook book series, The Riverford Companion First up is Spring and Summer Veg

Far from glossy coffee table food porn, national veg box company Riverford’s new series of tactile, informative books have been designed for real life cooking. As farmers and veg experts themselves, their team of cooks on the farm have created recipes that bring veg to the centre of the plate in dishes that really help people get to grips with the green stuff.

Riverford founder and self-proclaimed ‘veg nerd’ Guy Watson says, “I want this book to bridge the gap between aspiration and reality; to make a turnip or courgette exciting and to prevent a cardoon or artichoke from being intimidating. My dream is that a veg box will seem like an allotment without the work, and that this book will help make veg the stars of your eating. Our intention is above all to make veg box cooking easy and pleasurable. I hope that in a year’s time, copies of this book will be grubby, dog-eared and stained beyond recognition.”

Most of the recipes are quick and simple, with lots of variations, suitable for those weekday nights when you’re tired but want to get something on the table that’s good, seasonal and in budget. Riverford’s recipe team have not been able to resist a few more challenging ones, which they hope will appeal to more seasoned and less time-pressed cooks.

Jason Holt, Farm Manager at Riverford Norton, says, “Many of our customers really know their way around a veg box, but it’s a bit of a journey that can be challenging at first. We really feel this cook book will help those starting out, and show them what a wonderful community of cooks is at the heart of Riverford.”

The next book in the Riverford Companion series, Autumn and Winter Veg, is also available to purchase online.

£16.99. Available to buy from www.riverford.co.uk/cookbook and independent book shops. Written by Guy Watson, Kirsty Hale, Anna Colquhoun and Rob Andrew