Edible Bug Challenge comes to the Royal Cornwall Show

An award-winning* bug eating challenge from Harper Adams University returns to the Royal Cornwall Show in June – and this year the critters are even bigger and crunchier.
Following the success of the Edible Bug Challenge in 2015, the Ultimate Bug Challenge hits the road and will be stopping off at the Wadebridge during the show on the 9th, 10th & 11th June.

In 2015, more than 5,300 people took part in the challenge throughout the UK. Marketing officer for shows and events, Sarah Swinnerton, said: “It really surprised us just how many people embraced the challenge. Toddlers in prams, groups of school children, the elderly, police officers, armed forces, show stewards and even celebrity DJ Scott Mills all devoured some of our bugs."
“So this year we have made the challenge more difficult and brought in bugs with more bite. No more melt-in-the-mouth locusts – this year’s crunchy critters are more substantial. We are asking visitors to start with barbecue bamboo worms, move on to queen leafcutter ants and then tackle June bugs – which are quite fat and about five centimetres long.
Giant Waterbugs are on the menu for the very adventurous. The organisers are keen to see how brave people are when faced with something a little less easily mistaken for a breakfast rice puff or pork scratching.
“There is a serious message behind the challenge – the world needs to secure its food supplies for an ever-expanding population. If things don’t change, we face a global crisis come 2050, when the total population is expected to hit nine billion.
“The traditional plant-based diets of some countries are being replaced by protein heavy diets as wealth grows. Insects provide more or equal protein per bite than many of the types of meat and fish we already eat, and are far more sustainable to produce,” Sarah added.
“We’ve made it our mission to show people that there’s no need to be squeamish about eating bugs – they really can be quite tasty.”

Show secretary Christopher Riddle said: “The Royal Cornwall is jam-packed with things to do see and do for all ages. The innovative ideas that trade stands attending the event conjure up to entertain show-goers really adds to it – I might even be persuaded to give this one a try myself!”
“Everyone who takes part will get one of our Ultimate Bug Challenge stickers,” adds Sarah, “and, of course, bragging rights over anyone who isn’t brave enough!”
To find out more about the show and to buy tickets please visit www.royalcornwall.co.uk.
*The Edible Bug Challenge won the Guardian University Award 2016, for Marketing and Communications Campaign of the Year.