Tips on mushroom hunting at Hestercombe

Autumn is a great time to discover the hidden secrets of the woodland. It’s a time when wild mushrooms and fungi are in abundance, varying in shape, size and colour.

Discovering wild mushrooms can lead you on quite an adventure, and nobody knows the history, the hiding places, or the habitats of fungi quite like mycologist and author of Mushroom Magic, Michael Jordan.

Our Fungal Foray on Sunday, October 9 with Michael Jordan will teach you about what’s safe to pick and where to look for wild mushrooms.

He will explain about all the different varieties by examining the different features of fungi, and where you might find mushrooms in the autumnal Hestercombe Gardens.

Here are Michael’s top tips for searching for mushrooms in the wild:

·      Autumn is the peak season for mushroom fruiting.

·      Warm, damp conditions are ideal for mushroom growth.

·      The greatest variety of species occur in mixed woodlands

·      Look up as well as looking down - they can grow on tree branches

·      Keep an open mind about what you are looking for - fungi have a wide range of appearances, not just a stalk with a cap on top.

·      Handling is safe, but wash your hands.

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