Local businesses warned of £2 million cyber crime threat as major conference on counteracting potential harm is announced by Crimestoppers

Businesses across Devon and Cornwall have been invited to attend a one-day conference aimed at helping them shore up their online security from real and potentially damaging cyber threats.
Crimestoppers, the independent crime-fighting charity, has a range of expert speakers who will highlight key dangers and offer practical advice on cyber security at the conference held at the famous Eden Project on Thursday 27 April 2017. It’s estimated that 80% of cyber crime is preventable if only people knew what the risks were and took a few simple security steps.
Sarah-Jane Prew, Regional Manager for Devon and Cornwall, said: “Cyber crime affects not just big business but also small companies. Once a business comes under attack it can be difficult to bounce back and a costly, painful experience.
“In a fast changing environment, businesses need to be fully aware of the risks and consequences. Banks increasingly refuse to withstand losses suffered by companies from cyber crime, and insurance companies favour those with adequate protection before they offer preferential premiums.
“All of us who use the internet are at risk and it’s important to understand how your staff fit into this and how they can often be the ones, even unwittingly, who provide the weak link in the chain. This one-day conference will give local businesses of all sizes the edge they need when it comes to protecting themselves from the cyber crime threat.”
Crimestoppers in Devon and Cornwall has been liaising with law enforcement agencies at all levels to devise how best to educate and inform businesses in the area about the dangers. Plymouth-based IT company Acronyms estimate that last year cyber crime cost the counties of Devon and Cornwall nearly £2 million. Nationally, more than half of emails received by businesses contained viruses or were fraudulent and three-quarters of all websites have vulnerabilities that leave them exposed.
Tickets to the conference are £40 (includes lunch and refreshments and entry into the Eden Project from 4-6pm). To book your place, please log on to www.eventbrite