Do You Know Your Maca Powder From Your Moringa Leaf Powder?

Join Superfood retreat on Feb 24th-26th at Middle Piccadilly in Dorset and become an expert in these ultra-healthy substances.
Did you know that Maca is great for hormone balance, and Moringa leaves are almost 25% protein? These are many other superfoods are waiting for you to be discovered and added to your daily life for glorious health.
Delve into the world of these powerful supplements and discover what they can do to help boost your health. Learn how to easily integrate them into your daily life, amidst the beautiful surroundings of the Dorset countryside.
Superfood your life and join three transformative days at Middle Piccadilly, a rural retreat located in the heart of the Dorset countryside, where superfoodist Sophia Harvey will share her insights and talk you through what constitutes a Superfood, the benefits of each and how to create healthy rich, nutritional recipes with them.
To compliment Sophia’s talk, Middle Piccadilly’s head chef and owner Dominic Harvey will be treating guests with delicious home-made vegetarian food infused with a wide range of Superfoods.
Choose from two options:
- Superfood only retreat which includes full board accommodation, a yoga session with Eliana Harvey ( Sophia’s 86 year old grandmother!), Superfood talk with Sophia plus a handout to take home with you and the opportunity to purchase your very own Superfoods.  From £300/pp.
- Incorporate Middle Piccadilly’s transformative treatments into your retreat : herapeutic massage and a Spezia hand on heart treatment to completely switch off and truly unwind.  From £440/pp.
Middle Piccadilly is a rural retreat located in the heart of the Dorset countryside. The retreat offers a deep wellness transformation in a ‘home from home’ friendly atmosphere. Exceptional therapists, delicious vegetarian food and exquisite lodgings will make your stay an unforgettable one.
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