Live Life on the Veg for National Vegetarian Week

Get your creative vegetarian juices flowing with Riverford

National Vegetarian Week 15th– 21st May isn’t just for veggies; it’s a chance for everyone to expand their recipe repertoire and get more veg into their diets.

Riverford Organic Farmers, known for their iconic veg boxes, believe that veg should be the star of every meal, with a little organic meat as a treat or seasoning. Their organic veg boxes and recipe boxes give customers the chance to get creative with veg and eat with the seasons.

Guy Watson, Riverford Founder says “Although we deliver meat, dairy and more, our true passion and expertise is veg. This week is a good opportunity to celebrate fantastic vegetarian recipes which really give veg a chance to shine. If you’ve got good quality, fresh ingredients and an exciting recipe, then you don’t need meat to make a great meal.”

To make life really easy, Riverford’s recipe boxes come with everything you need, in exact quantities, to make three or two creative, inspiring and healthy recipes. There’s no deciding what to cook, no missing a vital ingredient and no waste. Their Vegetarian and Vegetarian Quick options are the only Vegetarian Society approved recipe boxes on the market.

Recipes featured during National Vegetarian Week include Squash and Red Lentil Madras; Fennel, Tomato and Olive Quinoa with Watercress, Almond and Orange Dressing and Green Bean, Herb and Sheep’s Cheese Fritters.

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