2020 Septic Tank Rules & Regulations Change

Admittedly it’s not a strapline that jumps out at you, but if you are looking to buy, sell or let, or if you own a residential property that is served by a septic tank, we would encourage you to read on - it might well save you a block in the works down the line.

Historically, property owners were able to discharge waste water from a septic tank directly into the surrounding land or a nearby watercourse. However, the latter will need to stop next year.

The ‘General Binding Rules’ require anyone in England and Wales with a septic tank that discharges into a watercourse to replace or upgrade their system by the 1st January 2020, or before the property is sold ahead of this date. However Stags are already experiencing hindered property sales where these works have not been done.

So what can you do if your septic tank isn’t compliant? Well, you actually have three options:

1.    Connect to a mains sewer.

2.    Divert the discharged water to a ‘drainage field’.

3.    Install a sewage treatment plant

There’s still time to make any changes should you need to. Our team of surveyors and agents are on hand to assist you or put you in touch with a specialist local drainage contractor.


If you’re looking to buy, sell, or if you’re unsure what these changes might mean for your property, please contact Stags Professional Services team on 01392 439046 or email professional@stags.co.uk