“The Landsman is proving to be a great way to get people reading about our woodland workshops. Enquiries through the Landsman usually turn into new volunteers and trainees which is just what we want.”
Dr. Tean Mitchell,
The Sustainable
Coppice Partnership
Although I don’t have a farm, I take an interest in all things animal and love going to country shows. Your magazine is brilliant, full of very interesting and educational articles and telling me about products I’ve never heard of. Thelandsman has a very good balance of articles and I like the format and size. It’s easy to handle and can be popped into a bag or the glove compartment of my van. Keep up the good work!
Mrs. D. Gaffney
I like it because it’s a down to earth proper magazine about the land and not a precocious glossy tree huggers experience mag. Also! I can light the fire with it afterwards!

I live and work on Exmoor between three shoots, have a small plot of land and keep horses and a few chicks (when the fox hasn’t had them). Proper living and hard in winter. Interested in most rural pursuits.
Simon Lester
We are very pleased with our advertising in the Landsman, of all the advertising we do in various media we get the most replies from the Landsman. The Landsman are very obliging offering and giving us help and advice with the design of the advertisement.
South West Heat Pumps
I am in farming and tourism and find the Landsman has very interesting articles mostly relevant to my life style.
I live in a rural area and enjoy hearing about farming/small holder matters. I also enjoy gardening and nature  and I am always keen to learn more about them. The events listing diary and advertisments from local companies are also interesting.
Sue Longworth
We had two people from Somerset book on a recent course after reading about us in thelandsman!
Chris Baker, Devon Rural Skills Trust